Mila Skin Care Salon

Mila Kriger LE


am a Licensed Aesthetician with more than 10 years experience in skin care and a background in natural supplementation, whole body detoxification and Candida cleanse. Prior to opening my own salon in Marlborough , I was fortunate to practice at a Medical Spa in Boston where I gained hands on experience and additional training in the field of Organic and Ayurvedic skin care. I wish to help those who suffer from, whose self-esteem is affected by, a number of skin conditions, such as acne and acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, eczema and extremely oily or dry skin. I would also like to educate many of you on how to use and choose natural and organic skin care products. My treatments are unique and effective. The equipment and products I work with are of the highest quality and standards.

When caring for my clients I learn their eating habits, stress levels, and home care regiment. Then I prescribe appropriate treatment for their skin condition. Your diet, lifestyle and level of stress may have significant effects on your skin health as well as your overall well-being.

We are located within 45 minutes of downtown Boston, with convenient proximity to Hudson , Northborough, Westborough, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Southborough and Framingham.

If you are looking for a Chemical Peel, microdermabrasion, an Acne facial, or have trouble with your skin, please come in for a free consultation. Call 781-330-1923.

Vlad Kriger PHD


Energy Healing

What does the practice of energy healing have to do with E=MC2? Everything. We have all seen this equation, but not many of us know what it really means. In short, it says that everything is made of energy and mass is a form of energy. E=MC2 simply means that mass and energy are interchangeable. This energy can be solid like a rock or a person, or it can be something that is not solid like a beam of light or a radio wave. We are hit with these energies all the time, and release our own energy as we speak, think and breathe. We believe that this energy affects a person on all levels, and that the free flow of this energy will keep us well and happy.

The basis of most energy healing techniques is that we are not just one body — we have an etheric body, and emotional body, a mental body, and an astral body. Energy is stored within the body and the free flowing or balance of energy is what makes us healthy beings. Energy healing is often called holistic medicine or alternative medicine, and its practice takes many forms. Most of these forms involve the energy within the body that is essential to life.

Chakra Energy Healing

It is believed that there are seven major chakra centers in the body where energy flows and intersects. The free flow of energy through the charkas is seen in the physical state, and for a healthy body and mind, the charkas must be clear and well balanced. Their Energy level can be adjusted or restored to the balanced level.


Karmic Residue Clearing

It also been discovered that in individual present well being karma is involved, any kind of healing that can bring out and clear past life trauma or patterns will help the individual. However, as soon as these old patterns are cleared, there will be an acceleration in spiritual abilities as well.

Any Karmic residue pattern, which could be discovered or intercepted during energy healing or Chakra Correction session will be removed and effected energy layer will be treated and restored back to balanced state.