Mila Kriger, L.E.

I am a Licensed Aesthetician with more than 10 years experience in skin care and a background in natural supplementation, whole body detoxification and Candida cleanse. Prior to opening my own salon in Marlborough , I was fortunate to practice at a Medical Spa in Boston where I gained hands on experience and additional training in the field of Organic and Ayurvedic skin care. I wish to help those who suffer from, whose self-esteem is affected by, a number of skin conditions, such as acne and acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, eczema and extremely oily or dry skin. I would also like to educate many of you on how to use and choose natural and organic skin care products. My treatments are unique and effective. The equipment and products I work with are of the highest quality and standards.

When caring for my clients I learn their eating habits, stress levels, and home care regiment. Then I prescribe appropriate treatment for their skin condition. Your diet, lifestyle and level of stress may have significant effects on your skin health as well as your overall well-being.

We are located within 45 minutes of downtown Boston, with convenient proximity to Hudson , Northborough, Westborough, Sudbury, Wayland, Weston, Southborough and Framingham.

If you are looking for a Chemical Peel, microdermabrasion, an Acne facial, or have trouble with your skin, please come in for a free consultation. Call 781-330-1923.

Teen facial

Teen facials help the skin to flush out its toxins. People mistake facials for just putting a mask on your face, which is not the case. If that was it, you wouldn't see the results you do from facials. Part of a facial is massage that helps to flush the lymph system. This type of massage helps to clear out congestion under the skin and can help with hormonal breakouts by circulating the blood better so you don't have a hormonal build up in areas. It's fine for the esthetician to massage over acne, there are various techniques for acne areas that will actually help your skin purge the acne so it's easier to extract and will help keep your skin clearer.

You hear people say facials irritate the skin because a lot of times the people getting the facials don't properly care for their skin and they buy an occlusive product that they think has rid their face of acne but it's actually pushed it below the surface of the skin. When the esthetician starts getting that lymph system moving the acne under the skin starts coming to the surface. The skin is purging itself of those impurities. If they stick with it they'll have clearer skin than they've ever had but most won't because they'd rather push it back below the skin surface and deal with acne scars and post inflammatory pigmentation later.

You do need to follow a good skincare regime at home. Make sure to look and find a better quality skin care products that are without too many preservatives like dyes, parabens and mineral oils.

Also, teen facials usually involve the use of a high frequency machine. This uses electrical impulses to kill bacteria below the skins surface. This is very effective for killing hormonal acne breakouts and keeping your skin perfectly clear.

Enjoy your spa day! Relaxation also helps with acne and preventing stress hormones from wreaking havoc on your skin.

Facial treatments

Microdermabrasion treatment
with 10% glycolic peel or Vitamin C treatment
Package of five Microdermabrasion treatments. Get one free. $490
Detox facial $80
Teen acne facial $60
Package of five teen acne facials. $250
PCA Sensi peel. $85
Package of five PCA Sensi peels. Get one free. $425
PCA Ultra 1 peel. $90
Package of five PCA Ultra 1 peels. Get one free. $450
PCA Modified peel. $110
Jessner peel. $135

Hair Removal

Hair Removal
Bikini $25
Upper Legs w/ bikini $50
Upper Legs $35
Complete Legs $70
Complete Arms $50
Brows $15
Lips and Chin $15
Upper Lip $10
Back $50 and up